All estimates and quotes include mastering (glass master, metal work, lacquer master, DMM etc..not pre-mastering ) charges. If you do not have a line item for these items and do not supply these, you will be billed for them. We do not include shipping, film, proof charges, or charges for additional adjustments such as art or audio pre-flight, repeat submission charges, or any additional parts or processes that are ordered on your order forms, or during the manufacturing process, or required to complete your order correctly. They will be added in final invoice. Final invoice will be sent out usually within 1-3 days prior to completion of your project. We may adjust your invoice to reflect ordered services at any time. Orders require 75% of total balance when submitted and the remainder within 10 days after initial order is placed. Additional charges may be added after the 10 day period. We will not ship prior to the entire balance being paid. First time orders require 100% pre-payment. Orders under one thousand dollars require full payment upon placement of order. Orders submitted from customers outside of the United Stated require full payment upon ordering. We accept bank wire transfers (subject to bank wire charge) checks, cashiers checks, money orders, cash, as well as other secure forms of payment. We accept VISA, MASTER CARD, DISCOVER and AMERICAN EXPRESS for final invoice payments only (subject to processing fee). Customer agrees that he/she personally bears all financial responsibility of orders placed, and is liable for additional fees, and finance charges due to late payment, and authorizes to use any and all legal measures to collect upon outstanding balance. This includes but is not limited to charging your credit card for any amount due, at any time to for payment or recovery of any amounts due.

Please make all checks payable to –

All vinyl and CD’s are produced at our state of the art facility and drop shipped anywhere in the world. Mastering by our facility yields a mirror of what is contained on the customer master. We do not make any enhancements to the recording unless previously authorized and pre-mastering is ordered. Customer may have no right to any/all claims if third party lacquer is supplied. Turn-around times are estimations and are not guaranteed. Your turn-around time does not begin until we have all parts ready for manufacturing. (all proof approvals necessary to begin) Any assumed promise of turn time is a target date and not a guarantee. Due to the variables involved in manufacturing a product from scratch exact turn times are not always be possible. DO NOT ORDER WITHOUT AMPLE TIME FOR ANY UNFORSEEN ISSUES. We are not responsible for orders left over two months. is not responsible for inactive parts after 12 months. They may be destroyed, returned, or recycled at our discretion. reserves the right to sell off or liquidate any product in our possession to recover any outstanding balances or fees after 60 days of non-payment. After 60 days additional storage charges may also apply. All cancellations are subject to a $300 dollar fee. Digital media order cancellations are subject to a $350 cancellation fee. All cancellations are subject to cancellation fee and payment of all completed parts, at time of cancellation. Masters must be provided in CD format or may be subject to pre-mastering fees. Artwork, film, processing, music pre-mastering, and shipping prices are estimations and will be billed or adjusted on the final invoice. Any and all submitted materials are received as is; and (i.e. masters, art, film) will be considered to be finished product ready for manufacturing. will not make any adjustments or look for possible errors. Masters remain the property of the owner, however are not returned, please do not send us your only copy. All artwork must be completed to our specifications, and must be accompanied by a proof, or match print, in order to guarantee accuracy. will not be liable for printing errors if proofs are not supplied by customer, and printed proofs or press proofs are not ordered for approval at time of ordering. will print printed proofs or press proofs of all graphic artwork which will require approval before final print work is completed only if requested at an additional fee. PDF proofs are not sufficient for print accuracy, and are used only to catch potential errors by the client, and not All Artwork must be completed in a template, or printing errors may occur. If Artwork is not submitted in our template, re-fitting, placing in approved template, excessively large file parsing, repeat submissions of Art or audio may incur additional charges. Any subsequent pre-flight of art after the initial resubmission will also be charged resubmission fees. Please indicate “made in the USA by by” somewhere in artwork, if it is to be exported anywhere by you or any distributor. We highly suggest you include this to avoid having your product refused entry at any international port authority.

All runs subject to the following overage/underage of 10%

You will be billed for the exact amount received. Any overages will be due and payable. Any credits can be used for future orders, or can be returned to you at your request. Final weight of vinyl may vary. Jobs will not be processed until we have received all parts and any and all required changes have been made. Your turn-around time does not start until this point. will not be liable for file mix up’s due to customers repeated submission of art files, or masters. This includes adjusting artwork, and adjusting the wrong customer file due to non-approval of a printed proof, the correct proof, repeat submission, accidental change of our templates, or changes to items otherwise not noticeable by, non notification of new files to be used, missing fonts, low resolution etc.. To make sure this does not occur we strongly recommend that customers order some kind of printed proof after each change is made, and reviews it for accuracy, and always dates the file names and adds a revision number to the names of files submitted (ie.. “02/02/09 jacket”). Customer should provide his/her own insurance coverage, as does not provide protection from damage or loss for client’s parts in our possession. is not responsible for any type of consequential damages. (this includes but is not limited printing errors due to guidelines and terms not being followed, or audio errors). To avoid significant and severe loss; In the unlikely event that there a manufacturing error made, may elect to use any reasonable method to resolve such an error including but not limited to replacement of the product, substitution of like item, or refunding full or partial payment. (for example: missing barcode may have UPC stickers made at no cost to customer) Prices subject to change at any time.

Customer agrees in full confirmation to that the customer holds all rights to manufacture, author, perform, and any rights necessary to manufacture and distribute the sound recordings, and compositions submitted for manufacture. The customer further confirms that he/she does not violate the rights of any other qualified party. does not sensor material, however customer also agrees that none of the submitted materials containing racist, hatred, or otherwise prejudice content. We will cancel the order and bill you for cancellation. The customer bears all liability that the forgoing is correct and assumes the obligation to indemnify all qualified subjects for damages and or losses including but not limited to all costs incurred by in defending such actions. In accordance with this agreement, the customer agrees to provide the company register specifications or other data verifying its legal existence and if necessary, copies of contracts and licenses to verify the legal possession of necessary rights. Customer is responsible for full payment of product manufactured regardless of ability to provide legal documentation. reserves the right however to hold product until which time sufficient documentation has been provided. If such documentation should not be provided, reserves the right to destroy product after one year and bill for the manufactured product. reserves the right to change these terms at anytime without notice. Placing an order, receiving a quote online, or by fax, email, in person or otherwise, constitutes customers agreement to all terms. Any additions or alterations to these terms will be posted to our website for public view. If any part of these terms is legally declared invalid or unenforceable, all other parts of these terms are still valid and enforceable. Such invalidity or non-enforceability will not invalidate or render unenforceable any other portion of these terms. If any provision of the terms and conditions is found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, the parties nevertheless agree that the court should endeavor to give effect to the parties’ intentions as reflected in the provision, and the other provisions of the terms and conditions remain in full force and effect.

This contract is agreed to, entered, and will be governed by the laws in the state of California. Further it is agreed that all legal claims by either party will be brought in the California court system in the city of San Francisco.