Most of the common templates are listed below. If there is anything you need not listed, please contact us. We have many more and can also design them to specs. You can Right-click and “save target” to your drive. Please remember to follow our “graphic guidelines” that came with your order form. When you have completed your artwork you can send it to us via FTP. For instructions on how to FTP, refer to your orderforms or contact us. You can also send us a CD-R, or use a file sending service such as, or
The following templates are arranged by type.
CD BOOKLETS (Adobe Illustrator)Insert (one piece two sides)6 panel z card

8 page (Inside)

8 page (Outside)


4 panel book (one fold)

6 page (roll fold indside)

6 page (roll fold outside)

TRAYCARD (Adobe Illustrator)

Traycard (Outside)


4 panel

6 panel

4 panel (2 tray)

8 panel

8 panel (2 tray)

8 panel (4 tray)

CD FACE (Adobe Illustrator)

CD Face


4 panel sleeve large notch

4 panel sleeve small notch

Many other templates available please contact us. DVD PACKAGING and other packaging(Amaray’s etc..)

Please contact us should you require a template not listed.Record Center Labels

12″ Center Label (Indesign)



Vinyl Record Jackets

7″ Jacket (Illustrator EPS CS3 SIDE LOAD)

7″ Foldover (Illustrator EPS CS5)


12″ Jacket (Indesign)

12″ Gatefold Jacket (Illustrator EPS CS3)

12″ Gatefold Jacket (Indesign)

12″ Widespine Jacket (Illustrator EPS CS3)

12″ Widespine Jacket (Indesign)

12″ Widespine Jacket with hole (Illustrator EPS CS3)

12″ Widespine Jacket with hole (Indesign)

Other Templates

12″ Inner Sleeve (Illustrator)

12″ Inner Sleeve (Indesign)

12″ Insert (Indesign)