manufacturing process
vinyl lacqer mastering
Studio / Pre-mastering offers a wide array of studio services from pre-mastering, to re-mixing and post production. We utilize full Digital Multi-Track capabilities. We handle everything from simple loudness and compression to Equalization, Noise Reduction and more. Premastering of all kinds of supplied media are processed using the SADiE digital systems. This system allows special studio editing - digital cutting and mixing, corrections (dynamics, frequency, level), working with high-resolution records up to 32 bits, 96 kHz - Apogee UV22, removal of technical defects of the recording (noise suppression -- CEDAR DeNoise, crackling removal).

We are offering such specialties as graphical mastering and holograms. Each master carries an IFPI identification code. The standard rate is $70 per hour(far less than industry standard). Specific requests are handled by quote. Please feel free to call us and speak to one of our representatives about a session we can arrange for you.
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