Center labels: We can produce standard 1 or 2 color inks on a pre-printed stock to give you a 2-3 color center label or full color CMYK to display your favorite images.

    Engraving: Take a look at the records in your collection and you may notice that by the label there is often some engraving of a private note, a short saying, or just the artists secret engraved by hand on the record. This technique, known as engraving, can be added for next to nothing to your release.

    Laser etching: Laser etching can be done on one side of your record. This, simply put, involves taking a line drawing and engraving it into one side of the record as a canvas for your clients to see your art. Of course you can’t play any music on that side but it is a truly unique option to do one side with music and the other with artwork.

    Dub-plate / Acetate : A single copy of your record to listen to before you go through all the metal-work. A good insurance policy to save, incase you have to make changes after listening to test pressings. Its also an inexpensive and  great way to make just one record.