Record Pressing is very proud to introduce Colorlight™, a mixture of an innovative product and a unique manufacturing process available only through Record Pressing. Colorlight™ is our proprietary color record compound and process that results in not just an excellent sounding record, but is also available in two of the most stunning colors ever produced on vinyl: Horizon Blue and Green Sapphire. Both colors showcase a frosty light color unlike most color records. Colorlight™ records come with their own marketing sticker that can be placed on the outside of your product to indicate the quality of the record inside. It is also a very affordable upgrade that won’t break the bank. If you are considering color records and are seeking a better sounding record for your next project, you should consider Colorlight™.  We would love to talk to you about Colorlight™ so please inquire about this amazing innovation in sound and sight the next time you speak with us.