Once your 7” 10” or 12” vinyl is manufactured and ready to be packaged, Recod Pressing offers many packaging options. The most common are listed below, however your imagination is the limit.

    Standard Record Jacket
    Our standard jacket is printed on a 20 point SBS white stcok. This is the the heaviest standard stock jacket available today. You can of course opt for thinner or thicker stocks, and different types such as recycled, or clay coated. This can also be manufactured with a thick spine so you can fit more than one record inside.

    Gatefold Jackets
    Traditionally a impressive way to present a double record, This fold out jacket can also be open only on one side so that you can show that you went all-out to showcase one recrod.

    Tip-on Jacket
    An old style record jacket that is hand glued. The term tip-on, refers to the folded seams on the paper. The printing is done on a peice of paper which is then glued to heavy board stock. The effect over standard direct to board jackets, for most record collectors, is similar to the differences between a hardback and paperback book.

    Foldover Jacket
    Gaining popularity again, an economical way to package your record. Place the record in a Plastic sleeve, with a printed flat, folded in half over the record.

    Inner sleeves
    We can provide many different inner sleeve options from rice-paper, anti-static, to fully printed on various coated and uncoated stocks.

    Record Pressing can print full color inserts of various sizes. All on an endless selection of stocks from velum to uncoated linen, to AQ coated book stocks. This will obviously be required for your liner notes or release history.

    Poly-bags / Shrink-wrap
    A nececity for any vinly package is to either shrink-wrap your product when its complete so that it retains its integrity and is retail-ready or a more elagent but still economical alternative is to place your record / record jacket into a fitted poly-bag.