Booklets / Tray-Cards / Cardboard sleeves
    Of course we can provide the traditional CD packaging, the jewel case that can be slimed down to a single style case as well. (with many additional whistles and bells if so inclined) 2 panel booklets and traycards all the way up to 24 panel or more booklets that can be stapled, folded in z-fold, accoridan, or poster style. We can also print man types of CD / DVD sleeves similar to the record jacket. Of course we can add a pocket or extra panel if you would like.


    One of the most popular forms of CD / DVD packaging, Digipak’s™ fit a variety of shapes and forms. In addition the Digi provides an almost limitless range of printing surfaces and multiple tray configurations. Unlike a conventional jewel case, the highly durable Digipak™ will not crack or shatter.

    E-Pack™ (Greenchoice)
    From a simple package for one disc, to large multi-disc presentations, the versatile E-Pack™ can do it all. Slim, light and made entirely of 100% recycled or FSC-certified board, it’s Forest Eco-friendly and Economical.

    Slipcases & O-Cards
    Slipcases and O-Cards are a great way to complete your CD Digipak™ or jewel case’s printable surface and a nice “wrapper” for your product.

    There are many other options avaialable for your packaging needs pelase inquire about the various other items not provided here.

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