Southern California Equipment list

    Neumann Vinyl Lathe with VG66 racks
    Custom Made RCA Line Driver Amps
    Crane Song Avocet
    B and W full range speakers w/Perreaux Amplification
    Mytek 8 Channel 192khz AD/DA Mastering Converters
    Custom Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor (fully discrete VCA Compressor with Opto Limiter and switchable output transformers)
    Custom Inward Connections DEQ-1 stereo 6 band Equalizer
    API 5500 Stereo Equalizer
    Wavelab 6 Mastering Software
    Otari MTR 12 1/2″ and 1/4″ Tape Machine. Customized by Valley Sound for improved frequency response
    1/2″ JRF Magnetics Mastering Headstacks
    2 Alesis Masterlink
    2 Panasonic SV3800 Dat
    Stanton STR8-80 Turntable
    Universal Audio UAD-1 Card with Precision Mastering Limiter
    Plextor CD Writer with Plextools

    Northern California Equipment list

    Neuman TLM 103 microphone
    Urei LA-3A compressor
    UA 6176 Channel strip
    Apogee Ensemble 24-Bit audio interface
    Macintosh G5 dual 2.0ghz w/Logic Pro8
    Large selection of audio processing plug-ins: (compressors, delays, reverbs, distortions, eqs, modulators, etc.)
    EXS24-bit sampler w/ Large Library
    EVB3 virtual organ
    EVP88 virtual Rhodes and Wurlitzer
    EVD6 virtual Clavinet
    ES1 and ES2 analog synths
    EVOC20 vocoder, and more)
    Arturia Mini Moog,
    Native Instruments Pro-53, Korg M1,
    Korg Wavestation,
    Big Tick Cheese Machine,
    GMedia MTron,
    Cycling74 Pluggo,
    Toontrack DFH Drummer and Percussionist.
    Melodyne Studio and AU Plugin
    Roxio Toast and Jam
    Mackie Universal Control Surface w/ expander
    1971 Fender Jazz Bass (fretless)
    1973 Ibanez “Strat”
    1985 Moller custom electric guitar
    2004 Martin acoustic guitar
    Hafler power amps
    Tannoy LGM main monitors
    Yamaha NS-10M near field monitors
    Sunfire TruSub subwoofer