Whether you submit your music ready to go, need touch-ups, or need to record, we can accommodate.  Preparing your music for the manufacturing of vinyl is very different than mastering for CDs. The required levels, frequency ranges, and general limiting and compression vary between these two mediums, and it takes a very specific skill set that is rapidly becoming a lost art. Our highly regarded mastering engineer has over three decades of experience mastering audio specifically for the finest vinyl reproduction.

    Record Pressing will master or pre-master your music at prices which are more affordable than the rest of the industry. For your convenience, we offer two flexible pricing structures to choose from. A per song price and a package price.  Let our experts master or pre-master your music specifically for the dynamics required for vinyl records, whether you press your records with us or elsewhere.

    We offer access to two recording studios, one on-site in San Francisco and a larger facility in Los Angeles geared to recording large acts, mixing, cutting and fully outfitted with complete analog and digital recording and mastering suites.  Combined they have housed some of the top names in music with decades of experience.