Today the need for a digital copy of your album or single is an absolute must. Virtually all vinyl records produced come with a download card. Our service provides you with a card that has a unique printed code that enables the owner of your record to visit your website to download a digital copy of your record from a widget we build for you. This benefits both the end user because they get to listen to your record on they’re mobile device, and it also enables you to gain marketing information about your buyers. This is the best tool today for connecting with your record owner.

    Our service stands out because most digital download services drive the user to their own site driving traffic, and subsequently potential marketing time, away from you. Record Pressing understands the need to keep the end users experience pure and branded to your brand.

    End user process

    After opening a record, the record owner is provided with a unique code. This can be printed on simple white paper or a full color credit card style card.  Next, your fan will go to your website and click a link to download the digital album. We provide a widget that is fully branded to look like your site, and after entering their name and email address or whatever you would like to require, they enter the code and the download begins. The record owner never has to sign in or create an account.  If an error occurs our technology can tell if the download was delivered, and if not, allow the user to download it again.

    What we provide
    After you give us a digital version (mp3 etc.) of your album:

    • We generate the codes you need. We can then provide these directly to you, or;
    • We can print the codes full color on collectible credit card cards or b/w on simple printed paper.
    • We design and make your widget and provide you the code for you to insert in your website.
    • We host the audio for your downloads and the client never leaves your site to get it.
    • Any information that is gathered is collected and provided to you.

    Available options

    Codes only

    We can provide you with a list of as many unique codes as you require and design the widget for your website. You will distribute the codes however you like, on a sticker, through your website, a show giveaway, etc.  The options are endless.

    Single Promo Code

    Say you want to provide one code that you print or give out to everyone at a show or on a tour. We can generate a code that we give you that is good for any number of downloads but is not a custom code. One code = up to 1000 downloads, for one flat fee. This enables you to not have to print individual unique code cards and is a less costly alternative.

    .30 mil Plastic credit card full color cards

    Make an impression with fully customized full color printed collectable credit card style cards with your artwork and a unique code for the user to enter on your website for their download.

    Plain B&W paper cards

    Simple one color inkjet printed paper with a unique code and a simple image to distribute with your records.

    Data Collection

    We can design your widget to collect any number of pieces of information such as name, email, mobile number for an SMS campaign, or Facebook page. Any information you want we can add to your widget.