manufacturing process
vinyl lacquer mastering

Manufacturing process

Vinyl Records
Record Pressing's current capacity is over 10 million vinyl records a year. All our lacquer masters are produced by the best mastering artists in the business. If you are at all familiar with the logistics of vinyl production, and the importance of loud records, you know why it is important to have the know how when producing a lacquer master. We can take any special requests on mastering, such as shaped vinyl, or endless or locked grooves. We also offer a full range of pre-mastering studio services, which ranges from simple compiling to full mastering. Lacquer preparation is generally done on a Neumann Lathe. We do receive many lacquers from outside sources as well. Besides standard black vinyl records, many colors including phosphorescent and picture discs can be produced. We are also the only manufacturer that can produce the Colorlight audiophile quality color record for your pressing needs.

CD Replication
Besides the standard CD (120 mm in diameter), with silver or gold metalizing, we are also offering the "single" version measuring 80 mm, as well as CD's that have no stacking ring and can be printed all the way to the center hole with no knock-outs. We can now also print using the off-set printing method as well as the standard silk-screen method. This yields a much higher resolution than most manufacturers are capable of. In addition to this we can manufacture shape CDs. The total capacity is over to 450 million CD's a year. Our CD production operates nonstop, 7 days a week.

DVD Manufacturing HD/ Blu-Ray
In 2003 we began our DVD manufacturing line, and we are now offering DVD5, and DVD9 HDDVD as well as Blu-ray, at very competitive rates. We can also assist in the creation and authoring of your project as well.

CD / DVD Label Printing
We use silk screen and offset technology . We can print using much higer resolution if requested.

Our own printing facility is equipped with 4- and 5- color offset printing machines, which produces CD and cassette booklets, labels and covers for vinyl records, but also various flyers, posters, postcards and brochures, and stickers. Services include a DTP studio with Pre-Press where graphics software is used to create or modify data as the client wishes. We can also accept artwork by electronic mail.

CD-Recordable (CD-R)
We can offer bulk CD-Rs for large orders (please inquire). Besides standard 12cm discs we also produce shaped CD-R business cards and Printable CD-R for both ink-jet and thermo printers. We deliver CD-Rs with customized on-body printing and packaging. Thanks to our own printing house and in-house production of boxes we offer wide range of packaging options, which makes us a preferred OEM partner for many customers. Our strict quality criteria makes our CD-Rs recordable and readable in a great majority of popular CD recorders and readers.

Recording are duplicated on a quick-copy machine Gauss, using endless loop (2480 type) and 15 copying machines (7 of the 1220 type and 8 of the 2420 type). Tapes from the companies EMTEC Magnetics-BASF and Socimag, superferro or chromdioxide, are used. Cassettes are completed by eight Tapematic machines, direct printing is ensured by the Imprinter RHP6000 machine. Cassette library cases and booklets are added by the Heino Ilsemann KZM3 machine. Cellophane wrapping option by the Sollas Mini/75 device is available on customer request.

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