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vinyl lacquer mastering


Dubplates are acetate versions of a record. Usually played by DJs long before the white labels are made. A "prototype," if you will, a dubplate is made of a metal plate coated with an acetate spray, then cut on a lathe in the studio. These acetates can last a long time with proper care and usage. Dubplates are a way of getting music on to one record for a show or just for DJ play. Dubplates can generally be cut within one week. Please see our specials page for pricing.

If you are ready to order please fill out the form below, print and send in.

What size do you want?

List track #s in order that will go on side A?

List track #s in order that will go on side B?

What type of master will you be sending us?

Which track numbers go on

What is your address to send it back to?

That's it!! make sure that you do the following

  • Print out a copy of this page and include with your order.
  • Send a master with the songs you would like cut to an acetate.
  • Include payment and shipping amount in certified funds. This is cash, money order or cashiers check.
  • This is all you need to get one copy of a record done. If you have any questions, please call our office.

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