oliver goss | president

    Oliver is the President and founder of Record Pressing. With more than 15 years of experience in the music industry, Oliver’s career has spanned a multitude of responsibilities. He has an extensive background in the music industry including executive production, promotional event planning, manufacturing, distribution, licensing, legal affairs, marketing, and management. Oliver began his music career as a teenager producing music and early dance records, then only marked by white labels, and mainly sold in the UK. His love of underground music led to the promotion and production of many club / show events in the LA area during the early 1990’s. Upon moving to San Francisco, Oliver formed an independent record label called Cosmic Flux Musiq, a predominately jazz/ dance / electronica label that focused on original releases and lifestyle type compilations. Much of the label’s music was released on high quality vinyl that was demanded from the DJ community at the time. After five of the ten years of operating the independent label, Oliver founded Record Pressing to address this need. Then called Recordpressing.com, the the first vinyl record manufacturer with an internet presence. Oliver has also spoken at many industry events including California Lawyers for the Arts, and  CMJ. He has moderated industry panels at SXSW regarding vinyl,  and continues to work in the community helping with local bands, shows, and production when possible.