Record Pressing has been a leading force in the resurgence of quality vinyl record pressing services for over 14 years. We have been a leader in the industry in popularizing many new trends in an otherwise old business, such as the widely desired heavy 180 gram record, Colorlight audiophile color records, and some of the wildest mixed colors and packaging designs ever seen in the industry.

    Over the years, higher standards in quality vinyl record pressing and innovation became the company focus. In 2008 we moved our record pressing production line from Eastern Europe to the USA to assure a more green future for our industry, our clients, and ourselves. This move instantly lessened our carbon footprint on our environment, eliminating unnecessary excessive shipping from Eastern Europe, and ceasing the production of the more “green unfriendly” European vinyl record, while enabling us to lower costs for our clients and speed up manufacturing times, maintain better quality standards, and increase control over the entire process. In addition we are doing our part in helping support the American economy and job growth.

    Record Pressing can also boast the best customer service in the industry hands down. Record Pressing’s innovations have never stop. In addition to more green ideas and options every day, We also still produce the highest quality CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray discs on the market, with all kinds of friendly packaging options. Today, optical media facility can print the demanded offset, 200 LPI, stackless rings, as well as novelties such as holographic CDs, shaped CDs, and the bendable flexidisc as well. We also have a full-service printing department, allowing us to print practically anything you an imagine. Recordpressing can manufacture any size order and ship to anywhere across the world.

    Record Pressing has serviced all major record companies and many, many small indie labels at one time or another. Feel free to ask us for a recent client list, or contact us for any questions about our manufacturing capabilities.

    Our commitment to quality of product and care of our environment and the absolute best customer care is the reason Record Pressing has been so successful in our operations.