Mark Mothersbaug DEVO The Art of Elysium

    -Mark Mothersbaug
    The Art of Elysium


    Picked up the pressings this evening, and just took a listen through.
    They sound amazing. All systems go on our end – consider these pressings approved!


    Little Record Company

    The tests sound MAGNIFICENT!!  SOOOO good, I am really happy with what you guys can do.

    Sygil Records

    “You guys did a great job. We had a tight time schedule and the job was handled in a timely fashion. The sound is great too! “

    East End Management

    “Can’t say thanks enough. Did amazing. Everybody I was in communication with was responsive, friendly and helpful. Give Mark, Tom, and Sophia praise and bonuses! They deserve it. Couldn’t have turned out better. Thank you thank you.”
    Glorious Alchemy

    “Just want to let you know that Tom and Mark have been giving great customer service and we love the product.
    We’re looking forward to a successful year with many pressings to come!”
    Made In China Records

    “you did a great job!”

    “..excellent work from my customer service service representative, Tom, who was always on the ball and seemed to genuinely care about my experience with Recordpressing and the overall success of my order. The final product looks beautiful, by the way.”
    Sparta Philharmonic