You Should’ve Seen Their Live Show: The Lonely Wild

Photos and Story by Mikey Baratta

San Francisco was in for a real treat this past weekend with the spontaneous, booked-last-minute act, The Lonely Wild at Amnesia on Friday night, March 4th in the Mission District off Valencia Street. The (mostly) Los Angeles natives made the mini-trek to play for an eagerly awaiting audience of fans, close friends, and relatives alike. The banter between the band and the audience conveyed that a good amount of people in the room knew one another. Combine Amnesia’s tight and compact room with the lively, fun-loving crowd, and the night turned out to indeed be a very personal and intimate show.

The Lonely Wild consists of five extremely talented musicians: vocals and lead guitar by Andrew Carroll; Edward Cerecedes behind the drums; bass, midi-controlled keys, and trumpet player trifecta Ryan Ross; rhythm guitar and backing vocals by Andrew Schneider; Jennifer Talesfore on synth, backing vocals, as well as percussion (like Ryan, Jennifer switched between multiple instruments, singing simultaneously).

One of the most interesting aspects of the band is, their overall sound matches up with the connotation attached to their name. The Lonely Wild certainly has moments within their music where any given song could find itself potentially on the soundtrack to a contemporary Sergio Leone ‘Spaghetti Western’. Their songs are concise, poignant, simple and soft while not lacking nor sacrificing an ounce of pure-unadulterated rock. The highlight to the night’s performance was their blue-grassy-mash-up rendition of Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus” that bled beautifully into Pink Floyd’s “Money”; there was a moment towards the end of the song where front man Andrew Carroll appropriates both songs’ lyrics to form the truthfully-ironic line “Money’s your own personal Jesus”- truly a remarkable and genuinely enjoyable performance executed in the most interesting of fashions.

The Lonely Wild performed mostly new material that can be found off their recently released, limited edition EP entitled “Dead End”, 300 copies pressed by the Record Pressing team. For more information on the album or the band itself please refer to

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