The Farmer’s Block

by Nobo McManus

“Music gets us through things that food can’t, and the same with art. We (the Farmers Block) create a trifecta around these elements and wish to induce a surreal experience, and cross-expose people to new talent in their own community.”

–Josh Couto


This is definitely not your average farmers’ market. This is a “Mobile health market, equipped with the best food, music, and art all in one” says Josh Couto, founder of the Farmers Block. It’s the place to be for fresh, locally grown food, and at this Farmers Block you’ll even get to taste some plates prepared by professional chefs. FB believes that if people can eat good food then they’ll be able to harness their full, creative potential. As the old saying goes: “Creativity starts with a healthy diet.”

The Farmers Block is coming to the Elbo room to rock the house with a killer lineup of DJ’s including:

DJ Deevice (Gridlock)
Dolores Haze (SPA) Taso (Redsky)
Joe L (NowTimeSound).

Live performances by:

Awol One & Factor
Cars and Trains
Kirby Dominant

And you’ll get your food fix with dishes made by the likes of:

The Cook
Hardly Human

All the while the following artists will be providing amazing art:

Freed Minds
Ancient Youth
Jonny Nagel
Dylan Kelley
Chris Granillo

Vendors will be lined up with tables filled with information on local food organizations, conscious street wear for sale, and music by the performing artists. And you know Record Pressing will be there to answer any vinyl record questions you have; ‘cause we wouldn’t miss this blowout for the world, and neither should you.

Also, rumor has it that The High Rule, a new Chief Reefa mixtape, will be floating around all night, so talk to Josh to get your lucky paws on one. See all you healthy and creative cats there!

The place: The Elbo Room (647 Valencia St. San Francisco, Ca.)
The Time: Feb. 22; Doors open at 9pm
$8 presale tickets/$10 at the door

“Having sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch (or in our case dance) all come to life at once is a healing place all by itself.”

– Josh Couto