Oh, What a Package!!

A couple of months before his latest album was released – which was just yesterday by the way – Jack Johnson held the top spot on the iTunes album chart based solely on pre-orders. PRE-ORDERS. The happy-go-lucky beach bum had it figured all out: two separate editions, packaged in 100% recycled papers, designed to fit every one of his fans.

Here’s what’s included in the “Collectors Pack:”

– 2-sided vinyl
Exclusive t-shirt
– To The Sea branded wooden box
Limited edition art print by Wolfgang Bloch!
– CD
Autographed first 500 copies
– Digital download

..And now for the “Summer Fun Pack:”

– CD
Beach towel
– Digital Download
Tote bag made from recycled bottles
– Reusable water bottle

Clever, right? But as any other artist, Mr. Johnson is more so worried about how the new songs will resonate with his audiences. He recently told MTV, “Hopefully, people can take those songs and they mean something and they can use it in their life.” Aww, how sweet. Ultimately, we’ll just have to keep an eye on the Billboard charts to see exactly how much “meaning” is behind each track. Until then, I’ll be purchasing my summer fun pack.

Get yours today through the official Jack Johnson website!

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