Local Artists on the Come Up: Awkward Janitor

I was never a fan of “In the Cold Cold Night” by The White Stripes, but after listening to Awkward Janitor’s rendition of the song I couldn’t help but play it over and over again in my head. Explosive punk-toned drumming comes from the hammering of Morgan Liggera who also fingers the bass and sometimes switches instruments in between songs with Nick Washburn, the heavy blues guitarist of the group. Together they support a range of vocals sung by Aimee Belden who, like a switch, can turn soft melodies into malicious screams; and the combination of multiple personalities making up the San Francisco trio produces a show that pulls you into what feels like an Andy Warhol painting. Seriously. So if you’d like to be a part of the far-out experience, put these dates on your calendar!

June 23 @ the Retox Lounge
July 23 @ the Blue Six

Also, no dates have been confirmed as of yet, but Awkward Janitor plans to perform at Dolores Park in San Francisco this summer, in addition to what they call a “moving van project” where the group will be playing from the back of a van as they’re driven throughout the city. An album is currently being worked on with producer Elijah Collins, and all dates will be kept up on the band’s Facebook and Myspace pages, so keep your eyes and ears peeled as they make their way through the Bay Area!