New Music Tuesday – Hank Williams III

By infusing punk and hardcore into his honky tonk roots, “hellbilly” creator Hank Williams III is back with his seventh studio album, Rebel Within. Surprisingly, the album strays a bit from the vulgarity we’ve all grown accustomed to and conducts a more conventional country sound. In the opening song “Gettin’ Drunk and Fallin’ Down,” Hank tells us, “I like livin’ life full-throttle, but now it seems like I’m runnin’ outta steam.” Could this be a new turning point for the outlaw? I say don’t read much into it. He’s simply keeping the last year of his contract with Curb Records conflict-free. In the final twenty seconds of the album, he reassures his audience he’s still maintained the same finger-flipping attitude, shouting “AFTER FOURTEEN YEARS, I’M FINALLY MOTHA FUCKIN’ FREE! AS JEFF CLAYTON FROM ANTISEEN WOULD SAY, FUCK ALL YA’LL!”

Deftones – Diamond Eyes (White colored vinyl with DL card)
Dire Straits – Love Over Gold (180 gram vinyl)
Eric Clapton – Behind The Sun (2 LP, 140 gram black vinyl)
Smashing Pumpkins – Teagarden by Kaleidoscope 1 (CD/7″)
Hank Williams III – Rebel Within (Vinyl+bonus CD)
Stone Temple Pilots- Stone Temple Pilots (12″ Vinyl)