Daily Dig – Wooden Shjips

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Fact: People love free music. So in 2006, Wooden Shjips embraced the idea, pressed 300 records of their debut 10″ EP Shrinking Moon For You and gave them all away. Eventually these copies fell into the hands of eminent critics and landed the band in articles from Wire Magazine to Rolling Stone and countless blogs that initiated the extensive fan base the quartet can now brag about. Through Wooden Shjips, audiences can reminisce of the kaleidoscopic 60s over fuzzy guitar riffs, repetitive drumming, an organ, and elongated bass lines that provide the San Francisco trip without the drugs. Go ahead and close your eyes while listening to them. You’ll feel as though you’re right on the corner of Haight and Ashbury at the Summer of Love.
Catch them LIVE in their hometown of San Francisco at Great American Music Hall Tuesday, May 25! Show starts at 8; doors open at 7:30pm. Get your tickets HERE!!