Daily Dig – Viva Voce

I have been spinning Viva Voce’s latest vinyl issue countless times, and I STILL can’t come up with a favorite track. From beginning to end, Rose City – pressed by Record Pressing – floods with a span of psychedelic, folk, and pop tones perfectly meshed behind soft, dream-like vocals. Heavy emphasis on the electric guitar also extends throughout the LP, easily adapting to each track, as diverse as they are. “Who Loves The Sun” was originally recorded by The Velvet Underground in 1970, but it’s interesting to hear Viva Voce’s more lively interpretation in addition to a cover of Donovan’s 1989 recording of “Hurdy Gurdy Man”. Both of those tracks can only be found on the vinyl record, but I did find a live performance of “Tornado Alley.” Just click on the image to watch!

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