Daily Dig – Moonlight Orchestra

Even as they are setting up, you can immediately see that the Moonlight Orchestra brings quite a few unique elements to the stage. Adjoining vocals and electric guitars sung and played by brothers Hadi and Mehdi Mirza are Suchi on violin, Roman on bass and piano, a cellist, and Taylor, the most recent addition to the band on drums. Traces of classical and psychedelic influences produce hallucinatory melodies blended with the perfect hint of blues and rock that make each performance by this San Francisco quintet truly unforgettable. Although some tracks may be longer than average, the MLO really knows how to manipulate engagement by gradually revealing how each instrument plays an essential role to their experimental sounds. They are hoping to perform early next month, depending on how well training goes with their new drummer and updates will be posted on Facebook. Meanwhile, songs from their second EP, The Moonlight Orchestra EP 2 can be found on Myspace or click on the image to be taken directly to their pop out playlist. Enjoy!