Daily Dig – Devendra Banhart

Listen to “Chinese Children”

In 2005, folk singer/songwriter and former San Francisco Art Institute student, Devendra Banhart dazzled his audiences worldwide with the release of Cripple Crow. All 22 songs off the cut capture simple, pleasant melodies in both English and Spanish making the harsher lyrics come across more powerful as they are intimately sung over acoustic guitars, quiet hand drums, and even a flute. The meanings behind these verses are fairly easy to decrypt, with the exception of a track that still keeps shoulders shrugging. In Chinese Children he sings of hypothetically living in many places throughout the world, but no matter where he is he’ll “still have Chinese children.” A few believe Banhart is himself of Chinese decent, while others theorize references to Pangea. If you’d like to take a listen, just click on the image. Let us know what you think!